On-Screen Takeoff - Overview - Video



On-Screen Takeoff - Overview - Video

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On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises. From plan viewing to quantity measurements to estimating to project management—it all starts with OST.

Reduce Estimating & Printing Costs with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Just preparing to submit a bid is an expensive endeavor:
  • Make estimators more efficient and lower the cost to bid
  • Eliminate the need for paper plans, reprographics costs, colored pens, and storage for plans
  • Bid more work with the same number of estimators in the department

Save Time by using On-Screen Takeoff

  • A quantity takeoff is no longer a labor intensive process:
  • Automation of the takeoff process allows Construction Estimators to spend less time preparing each bid
  • Separation of takeoff quantities into bid areas saves a great deal of time for estimators
  • The powerful plan viewing and takeoff tools helps takeoff quantities with blazing speed!

Spot Plan Changes & Catch Addendums with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Never miss another costly addendum:
  • Avoid the headache caused when the architect or GC forgets to properly cloud and document a revision.
  • On-Screen Takeoff clearly shows the differences between 2 sets of plans by overlaying them and then marking deleted items in bright red and new items in blue.

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff Is Much More Than Just Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff has an integral role in our construction software solutions for plan viewing, quantity takeoff, estimating and project management.

Improve Takeoff & Estimating Accuarcy with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Eliminate user error common in manual takeoff:
  • On-Screen Takeoff (OST) automates the Trig calculations, allowing estimators, foremen, project managers, and general contractors to measure any area or perimeter accurately.
  • Get precise quantities when measuring irregular shapes and curves.
  • Export the OST takeoff data and avoid mistyping quantities into any estimating/pricing program.

Stay Connected with the field and office with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Improve communication across the board with OST:
  • Share electronic plans quickly and easily over the internet.
  • Make annotations and attach notes to each project or plan.
  • Create R.F.I.'s in the field for immediate clarification.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same set of plans.

Become more efficient with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Ultimately, what you do with the time saved is your business:
  • Submit more bids and win more jobs using On-Screen Takeoff.
  • If you take on multiple roles within the company, dedicate less time to estimating.
  • Help the entire company become more efficient by switching to electronic documents and plans.

On-Screen Takeoff is the construction software of choice by thousands of contractors in the office and field.

On-Screen Takeoff - Desktop application for the office
You can run On-Screen Takeoff software on
single or multiple monitors.
On-Screen Takeoff - Slate or mobile tablet application for the field With a Windows™ tablet or laptop, use
On Center Software in the field